1 There are phones at the house (805) 643-7201, but be prepared to use your cell phone for long distance. 1 Return the "cleaning - checkout responsibilities" sheet included in your packet so we can plan with our maintenance people. Any cleaning that needs to be done will be deducted from your deposit.
2 The beds have pillows, blankets, and mattress covers, but you need to bring your own sheets, pillowcases, and/or sleeping bags. There are linens available for use in the master bedroom closet upstairs. If you would like to use them the fee is $40 and can be deducted from your deposit. Let us know if you want to use them. 2 Please do not sleep on the beds or sofas without using linens or sleeping bags. Don't forget them when you leave. All linens must be washed and returned to the closet before you leave. Please return the comforters to the rooms they were in originally if you removed them for any reason and straighten beds before you leave.
3 Bring your own personal towels (kitchen towels are provided). 3 NO SMOKING is allowed in the house!
NO FIREWORKS off the sea wall!
4 Trash pick up is early Friday morning. Please push the trash container out on Thursday night. 4 NO PETS are allowed.
5 There is parking for 4 cars in the garage, 1 or 2 in the side gate trash area and 6 or 7 across the front of the house head in. There is no overnight parking on the street anywhere near the house. 5 Please do not let your vehicles extend into the bike lane as we receive complaints from neighbors and you may be ticketed.
6 Our plumbing gets a real workout with large groups! The pump system that we have simply will not tolerate anything being put in the toilets but mild amounts of toilet paper. When the pump gets clogged it's very unpleasant and costly. Please make all of your party aware. 6 Please be gentle with the spas and turn them off when not in use. Kids use of the spas must be monitored as we find pieces of clothing, toys, and food sucked up into the filter, which burns up the motor and becomes costly. Use 1/2 scoop of chlorine when extra is needed with kids.
    7 Please do not walk on the seawall in front of anyone else's home, or use anyone else's stairs. The neighbors get very angry.
  Please treat our home
as you would your own.
8 Do not let kids run in the house wet and sandy. Use hoses and shower outside to remove sand and don't sit on sofas with wet suits!